The latest version of HP pavilion PC i.e. the Entertainment PC is now open for sale and if you are interested in an PC that provides good entertainment, then HP Pavilion DV 3 is your answer. The technical features and other miscellaneous news about this particular PC are given in this article. Moreover the original Windows 7 CD is available with along with the computer.. The color of the laptop is white with no scratches or dirt or greases whatsoever.

The technical features are listed below.

• The microprocessor is a 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6600 with a level 2 microprocessor Cache.
• Memory features: Installed memory of 3072 MB along with Video memory of 1790 MB. It can be upgraded to up to 8 GB.
• The hard disk space is 320 GB.
• The system is also provided with a Video Graphics NVIDIA card.
• Wi-Fi and Ethernet LAN.
• The display screen is high definition LED which is 13.3 inches in size with a resolution of 1280 X 800.
• A CD/DVD Optical Reader cum Writer.
• The computer also comes with an installed Bluetooth connectivity as well.
• Along with the built in stereo speakers, this laptop comes with a sound 3D sound Blaster Pro which is another striking feature. SRS premium sound is installed as well.
• The keypad is quite large and handy for better working experience.
• The touchpad is in excellent condition as well.
• There are numerous ports available in this system solely for entertainment purpose. They are the 5-in-1 Integrated DMR for Digital and multimedia cards, memory stick etc. In addition to this there are three USB ports along with one VGA port.
• Some other ports are the microphone-in port, headphones-out port, Ethernet port and an HDMI connector.
• The system weights only 5.5 pounds and is sold along with the laptop bag.
• Two 6-cell Lithium Ion Battery comes along with this system as well.
• Web cam and an Integrated Microphone are also provided along with this system. An HP mini remote control is given as well.

The video memory is the most striking feature of them all as it has an inbuilt memory of 64MB. Apart from that the HP Pavilion DV 3 Entertainment PC offers you a greater gaming experience, as it has a dual core processor. Mostly individuals find it hard to get a better gaming experience, but through the Pavilion DV 3 you can get better performance of the laptop with a great multimedia experience.