In today’s networking world, Facebook is undoubtedly the most widely used socializing website followed by its 55 million global users. Known for constantly adding new revised features for its esteemed users, Facebook recently revealed its new set of application updates. With these new updates, it’s amazing to learn that over 55 million facebook users will now have the option to perform all the small and large activities from their new iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which they previously performed directly on the website. Apple has a huge market and is believed to have above 100 million Apple idevices all across the market which hence means that nearly 50% of all Apple iDevice owners are on Facebook, surfing and accessing the socializing website using their Apple idevices.

In one of its recent update sessions, the socializing network updated its previous iPhone App to a higher 3.1.3 version. This newly launched higher version includes features and also bug fixes which allows all its iPhone users to upload larger images above 720 pixels and also watch Facebook videos from their iPhones. However surprisingly, this new functionality launched by the socializing website appears to soon become a part of iOS in the nearby future as already reported by majority online news heads.

However, what frustrates most Apple idevice users is that the socializing website has of now, not yet designed a dedicated application for Apple iPads. Well, there is news that the website is working on the development of one such iPad application which may soon be released in the future. Below are a few attractive features included in the latest version of Apple iPhone apps.

iPhone 3.1.3 version features:

  • The application allows you to watch facebook videos of any duration and resolution.
  • You can easily view and become a part of all events. You can also write on the walls of all events and people.
  • The newly uploaded pictures are huge and 720 pixels wide.

Another addition to the new version is its inclusion of wide number of fixes for the given bugs:

  • Could not easily upload pictures of size smaller than a given measure.
  • Could not possibly comment onto pictures if they were accessed via notifications.
  • Initially, not more that just 2 notifications were rightly highlighted as being unread messages.
  • The recent status updates would appear unordered in the News Feed section.
  • Certain broken photo album links would appear onto the News Feed section.
  • The birthday views for the months appeared in a wrong order.
  • The last section in the friend list appeared incomplete, especially if you had less than 8 friends.
  • Also, notes along with the non-ASCII text appeared cut off towards the end.

Fixes to these previous bugs hence ensure you a better socializing time on your favorite networking website any time from any lace from your iPhone. However, if you are an iPad user and are looking forward to the new updates for iPad, have some patience before Facebook unveils its new iPad updates.