Several leaks from different sources have revealed new iPhone prototypes that seem to solve a chronic issue of the handset. The lack of a front camera has caused the appearance of a lot of posts on several forums. Many Apple fans have been in a way disappointed to see that the old iPhone had a back camera and simple things like video chat were almost impossible. Not to add that trying to take a picture with one of them was a big issue!

As this is already a tradition for Apple, the company is gearing up to unveil the new hardware revision of the device. Some features of the rumoured iPhone OS 4.0 are given as certain for the new release and a front facing camera is included.

Frustration about difficult chat sessions or video conferences, as well as the impossibility of correctly framing the picture when taking a self shot should not trouble the iPhone owners any more. It seems that Apple is committed to solve this problem by including a front facing camera in the new model. A LED flash is also part of the new model and will allow taking pictures in the evening. This was another area where iPhone users were disappointed.

As the next generation iPhone is due to arrive shortly, retailers are already in a hurry to clear out their stocks of older models.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, has promised an A+ promotion campaign that would not disappoint the iPhone fans. Rumours are confirming this assertion and they suggest that Apple has contacted Sam Mendes to direct the ad campaign for the new smart phone.
A tip received by Engadget says that there is at least one ad that will present a mother and daughter who use the front facing camera for a video chat session, which confirms that the long-awaited feature will finally be implemented.

A message posted by an actress on Twitter also confirms there will be at least one Apple commercial for the new phone.

Sam Mendes is the well-known director of American Beauty, the movie which earned not less than five Oscars, one of them being awarded for the Best Director. Other atmospheric films directed by Mendes were Jarhead, Road to Perdition, Revolutionary Road, and of course, away we go. But Mendes is also known as previously being a theatre director and helming the Tony award-winning for the revival of Cabaret.

To hire Mendes for this campaign, Apple has to be very confident of its new product, because he is definitely not working cheap! History of past launches of Apple products shows great names cooperating for successful campaigns. Famous directors have given their best to promote the company’s products, including Ridley Scott who created the original Mac ad in 1984, or Errol Morris, with the “Switch” ads in the early 2000s.
Apple undoubtedly has a very envied position amongst the top sellers of Smartphone and everybody expects a new high-end device to hit the shelves, which will satisfy fans’ eagerness for new features & high technology.