The Love Plus game, developed by Konami for Nintendo DS video game, will now be available in 3D. All the Nintendo 3DS owners can rejoice, because the addictive romantic game can now be played with 3D effects without the glasses. It also has more enhanced features compared to the previous version played on Nintendo DS. The ‘NEW Love Plus’ for Nintendo 3DS will hit the market on 14th February 2012 (Valentine’s Day).

One of the major changes in the NEW Love Plus for Nintendo 3DS will be the Anywhere Date feature. With this particular feature, you can take your virtual girlfriend on a real date anywhere. This feature allows her to react according to the objects in the environment. You can point your 3DS camera anywhere, and it will behave according to that. For instance, if there is a bench, she will sit, or hide behind pillars, etc.

Another feature is the Anywhere Date Editor. This feature will help you to create your own custom made dates with your virtual girlfriend. You can use your own creativity and then share it with other users and compete against each other to see who has the best date.

NEW Love Plus uses Motion Tracking technology (detect and track moving objects) so there is a fair chance that you can sit next to your virtual girlfriend during your dates.

Love Plus game is a craze in Japan, and according to reports, a man had married his virtual girlfriend, which was conducted by a real priest. It was held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The video was posted for everyone to see on the popular video sharing website — Nico Nico Douga. Sources have it that, women in Japan are now complaining about their husband addiction to the game. Infact these complaints have already created a controversy whether cheating with a Love Plus virtual girlfriend is good or bad.

What do you think of virtual dating? Is it harmful for the society? Will it affect real life couples?

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