You might be thinking of what makes Twitter different from other social websites? The answer solely lies in its design and layout. Well, know Twitter has come to the conclusion of changing its look just a little bit to engage more users with its video and photo offerings.

Twitter is not just trying to be a “clone” of Facebook or other social networking websites, but it is seeking to compensate its users with better services to exchange information. Often pictures or videos convey better communication rather than just write limited words. Twitter seeks to increase it user experience by enabling sharing of photos, which will help it retaining users for a longer time.

For some time now Twitter has been seen as the SMS service of the web as only a limited amount of characters are used to share information.  The very simplicity of the site of Twitter make it seem that information transferred is not enough to gain an in depth analysis of a users profile. With intense competition from Flickr, Picasa and Youtube, Twitter seeks to transform its design base to include various multimedia applications.

“It’s really transformed the experience,” Twitter Co-founder and Chief Executive Evan Williams said at an event to introduce the new design.”This makes Tweets better.”

Traffic to the company’s website has grown 100% over the past year, Williams said. Roughly 370,000 new people sign up for the site every day.