Google as we all know is the leading search engine. Google has provided a range of services to its visitors from the day it was established. These services include web browsing, image browsing, searching for online book and many more. Another amazing thing is that all these services are free for the users with out any cost incurred by the users. Moreover Google is working gradually to improve and enhance its product line. For this purpose Google recently has launched a Font Directory. Any person having bit knowledge about HTML can easily use this service.

Google Font Directory

Google font directory has put forward high quality open source web fonts for the web developers. Any person having a modest acquaintance about HTML language can understand its use with no trouble at first glance.

Simple cross-browser technique is offered in this service for using any font in the Google Font Directory on your web page. Normal text in addition to being richer visually, text styled in web fonts, scales crisply when zoomed, and accessible to users using screen readers, all these advantages are in this software.

Fonts and the web matters were convoluted and could be tricky to solve. Google has made it simple for developers to put together more unique typefaces into their designs.

Powerful Preview Tool

After the launch of font directory Google constantly worked on make it easier and simpler for users, at last they accomplished this task and has bring in a new feature related to this service. Yes it is Powerful Preview Tool to modify the finer aspect of the font prior to embedding.

One of the stinging spots of web development for a lot of years and now is Typography. Rest of the web technologies developed and improved, web designers were having difficulties using the same typical fonts as two decades ago. It’s great in recent years things started to move on towards betterment and Google is one who is contributing a lot in this regards. Although the problem will not be solved at large by Google font directory but it’s a sign of improvement. It is offering eighteen fonts and all are released under open source license and you can easily use the embedded code for your web site.

With the powerful preview tool you can check how the chosen font will look like on your web. You can add shadows and transformation, underline etc on the preview page.

Marc Tobias Kunisch, of the Google Font API team said “Now, whenever you visit the font family page of any of the fonts, you will see a link saying ‘Preview this font’ that will load your font selection into the font previewer,”.

Corresponding code to use a font on a Web site are generated by previewer. You have only to copy and insert the style sheet link and the CSS onto Web pages.

To conclude it can be said that now Google has made the work of web developers and programmer bit easy with Font directory and the preview feature in it. You all are welcome to use this service and well wishes for Google to do more.