InfoPrint Solutions Company, a manufacturer of digital printing and output solutions, has released a new model of inkjet printer, InfoPrint 500 MP. InfoPrint Solutions Company is a joint venture between Intel and Ricoh which started its journey 3 years ago, where Ricoh contained 51% share. The new model inkjet was unveiled in IPEX exhibition at Birmingham, UK. The new multi-purpose product has been produced for the better printing solution with high quality service. This multi- purpose printer can support three speed points for low, medium and high.

The InfoPrint 5000 MP is a new member of InfoPrint 5000 series which is already dominating the market. The new model InfoPrint 5000 MP has come across with some new features and technologies which will increase the market share of InfoPrint Solution. It comes with a vision to provide more flexible opportunity and risk-free business environment by giving protection to investment. It includes some lucrative features like MICR and duel engine.

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR):

InfoPrint 5000 MP will provide the optimized and customized color system by producing the documents with the help of customized checks which is a privilege of Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR). This will enable the customer with new format and characterized selection of printing color and ways which can portrait any certain necessity that is demanded for the definite printing theme.

Flexibility in inks, configuration and engine:

The new model is providing a wide range of flexibility of using the variety of inks and fluids at a time which will be customized. Secondly the twin engine termed as ‘tandem’ will enable the customers with using double engine with monochrome duplex for more comfortably and speed with optimized selection advantage.

Stats and views:

“InfoPrint solution again holds the market leader position in the printing solution industry at last two years continuously after its setting up in 2007. The system of InfoPrint is marketed in USA and Western Europe, where it creates a huge demand. The company was the top market share holder with 30% in 2009, which grabs 35% of the total system in USA and Europe just after its very recent starting journey only 3 years ago. In last 3 years InfoPrint Solutions with its partner, Dainippon Screen, have installed more than half of all continuous-feed color inkjet systems,” according to InfoTrends, an analyst of the latest trends and developments on the digital imaging and document solutions industries.

Factors behind InfoPrint 5000 success:

Many factors played role in making the journey of InfoPrint 5000 successful. From customers’ view the main factor is its flexibility and multipurpose approach. High reliability, compactness, modulation in design and lowest power consumption are also key factors which created the market demand. PostScript(R), PDF and AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) support also helped to put it first in the choice list. Above all InfoPrint 5000 was designed to facilitate the users with reduced cost of printing. So it is designated and immersed as the most popular brand among printing accessory.

InfoPrint solutions is now concentrating on producing more sophisticated printing solutions inspired by InfoPrint 500 MP. This brand will available in North America, Europe and Asia within September of 2010.