Lenovo has always been a very powerful brand in the consumer electronics market. The company plans to launch several new products in the near future. Lenovo announced very recently in Beijing, that a completely new group would be created, who would look to come up with new ideas and technologies in the domain of smart Internet mobiles and smart tablet PCs. The group is responsible for products like cloud computing, digital home products and smart TV. The main objective of the group would be to develop the next generation technology that might be used to power the various devices. There are several products which the company has already introduced to the world market. The products have been appreciated in a huge way.

The various products of the company include IdeaPad U1 Hybrid, which is a combination of a laptop and a slate and LePad Slate. These products have created a massive craze in the market. There are several surveys which have confirmed that people from all sectors of the society have started liking and admiring the products. The products are being considered as a very powerful asset for the consumers. The price tag attached to the products is extremely nominal in nature. The Retina Scanner technology of the company has been a major thing to talk about. The company is determined to move to the next level with the introduction of new products. This factor has been a major governing factor of Lenovo.