There has been a buzz recently n in news about a launch of a home theatre projectors using LED technology. A company named Home Vu has come up with two designs which uses the revolutionary LED technology for its operations. Home Vu has been pioneers in Home theatre products and related electronic appliances since its inception back in 2001. Since then they have come up with some really wonderful products which could make your home theatre really spectacular. One such product is their latest launch – the projectors making the use of LED technology. Home Vu has introduced two  models initially called HD650 and HD850.

The major and the most eye-catching advantage by using this technology will be the lamp. Up till now changing the lamp has been a big problem in all projectors. You always have to change the lamp of projector after using it for about 4,000 hours. But these LED projectors s give you a guarantee that nothing will happen to the lamp of your projector for 50,000 hours which makes 2 decades even if you run your projector 6 hours daily. That’s just phenomenal and out of the ordinary.

The story doesn’t stop there. It was just  like Home Vu had determined to solve all problems in all projectors prevalent today in the market. They claim that their LED technology powered projectors are able to start and shut down instantaneously. Gone are the days when you had to wait for the projector to get heated up and then start using it. Now you push the button ‘on’ and your projector is ready to use, isn’t that incredible? Well you might also be dumbfounded when I say that despite these astounding properties these projectors consume very less power in comparison to its other contemporaries. Yes, the LED technology makes it possible to reduce energy consumption.

The surprises are not yet over folks. These two marvels from Home Vu are totally quiet when they run. They are completely free from the noise which the projectors used to make traditionally. So from now on there will be ‘pin drop’ silence in your home theatre room and the thriller and horror movies will get real spell bounding. That little hissing sound coming out of other projectors is now a history.

There are several more such features which can really astonish you. In some of its features the LED projector  have all ports in it, you have HDMI port and also a VGA port for your older laptops, you have a luxury of several colours to choose from, there is also a feature called picture-in-picture which allows you to watch two different things at a same screen simultaneously and several more. But at a price tag of $499 (for HD650) and $540 (for HD850) these gadgets definitely seems to be a catch. It would be definitely wise money spent. These two projectors have got lot of admiration globally from end users as well as dealers and will surely go places as far as home theatre projector markets are concerned.