The smart looking and improved Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 1 that was recently released has features that make it the browser of choice. Its additional features and superb performance encompass some pickings from Chrome, making it a world class browser with regard to the features. Other than the current features that come with your Firefox browser, the new release takes it a level better. If anything, Firefox might as well be the best browser there is in the world if such encouraging improvements continue.

Firefox 4’s More Modern Look

Lately, Firefox has incorporated an interface that looks more modern, striking a comparison to others such as Chrome and Safari amongst others. However, you need to try out the latest Mozilla Firefox 4 beta release to establish its futuristic feel; the new browser takes modernity to a whole new level. I tried it out and I almost immediately felt the difference, with its imposing presence in terms of additional features. What I noticed first was the tabs arrangement. Just like Chrome, but better, its tabs are on top, as opposed to coming below the address bar, suitably named the “Awesome Bar” by Mozilla. However, you might need to have operating systems such as Windows 7 and Vista, as it does not work efficiently in Windows 200 or XP, Mac OS X and Linux, but, do not fret, Mozilla reported that it will be available for the other operating systems soon.

Extra Space for Web Content

The Firefox 4 beta has more extra space for web page content, and what this does is give you more room enabling you see all the page titles in the tabs you are accessing. This has been achieved by cutting down on the space given to the address bar and the navigation icons. To make things sweeter, the navigation icons are stylish, having been designed with round edges as opposed to the traditional straight edges. Additionally, there is great simplification of the navigation keys that have been juggled into one key, subsequently varying the appearance and usage with regard to if you are loading a page or if it has already loaded.


As opposed to the old tabs, Firefox 4 beta’s tabs have been revamped in a minor but amazing way.  The moment you visit a website, a clock-like symbol will surface on the tab as the page is opening, and will show you the speed at which the page is loading in addition to the size of the already loaded content on that page. If you are the impatient types, what this feature does is let you decide whether you can take the wait, if long or short, or get out of the page altogether as you can clearly see the sizes.

I am yet to fully take in the benefits of the latest Mozilla Firefox 4 beta but to cut to the chase, this new browser is impressive and stylish to say the least. The speed has been increased, add-on features made better, the extensions are great and its usage is simple.