In a recent report released by CMO Council’s Customer Experience Board, in collaboration with iYogi, customers are increasingly having difficulty in troubleshooting problems related to their computers at home or in the office. They are increasingly facing problems related to slow performance of their PC, boot-up, virus attacks, poor Internet connection and other such issues which are making consumers increasingly frustrated. Due to these reasons it has become increasingly eminent to bridge the gap between customer frustrations and technical support.

Stress and Frustration

The report entitled, “Combating Computer Stress Syndrome: Barriers and Best Practices in Computer Tech Support” provides an analysis of the multi-spectrum of consumers that are increasingly facing frustration in trouble shooting their computers. The report provides a statistical analysis of a select population of 1000 consumer’s that were asked questions with regard to trouble shooting their computer problems.  The report has also highlighted the best practices of key players in the Industry of customer technical support, such as Adobe, McAffe, Cox Communications and many more. It is through these best practices that the report seeks to identify a “de facto” resolution to curb consumer frustration regarding computers.

Statistical Analysis

In a survey conducted for the report, varying statistical and behavioral findings were found, with regard to consumer sentiment, regarding their knowledge of trouble shooting any problems with their computers, the number of times they have contacted a customer centre, how frequently they face computer related problems and other questions that provide a purview of customer satisfaction in terms of technical support.

Some of the statistical findings from the report are as follows:

  • In terms of dependency on their computers, 26 percent of consumers are extremely dependent, 32 percent are highly dependent and only 6 percent least dependent.
  • 78 percent are savvy computer users, whereas 22 percent depend on technical support.
  • 64 percent consumers claim that their PC causes them anguish and anxiety, as to compare to 36 percent that are not distressed due to any computer related issues.
  • In terms of the top three problems faced by consumers; 51 percent of the problems are due to slow downs; 36 per cent are due booting up taking a longer time; 16 percent of the problems are due to viral infections.
  • 14 percent of consumers are frustrated by the long wait times for technical support; 11 percent are dissatisfied with the cost of service; 10 percent complain tech support to have limited language skills.

Best Practices

Apart from providing an insight into the consumer perspective of trouble shooting computer related problems through tech support. The report also seeks to analyze, what IT companies are enhancing in terms of technical support. Through a series of qualitative analysis the report seeks to provide insight from leading, customer care businesses that provide technical support and seeks to establish a common best practice among these companies, in terms of benchmarking their efforts to curb the frustration and anxiety of consumers.

As the number of PCs has increased over the years, there is a growing demand to cater to the problems of customers that have limited knowledge of fixing their computes on their own. Due to these reasons it has become increasingly inevitable for IT companies to provide a benchmark of good technical support. In order to achieve this it is essential that technical contact departments initiate a knowledge base which will enable them to have a common platform to diagnose queries related to technical support.

Companies such as iYogi technical services have tried to leverage the immense gap between customer care and customer support as according to Larry Gordon, president of global channels for iYogi, ”Many of today’s computer users are caught between a heavy reliance upon the latest gadgets and accelerating support needs for those devices. The computer manufacturers, retailers, and service providers are equally challenged to deliver the kinds of always on, reliable, cost-effective tech support required to meet these needs and satisfy the customer experience.  The result is a growing and vibrant market for providers who can get it right.”

According to Debra Fleig, Senior Director of Worldwide Customer Care at

Adobe, “We set some thresholds on what’s acceptable from a customer satisfaction level or particularly around product issues. When we see a certain threshold, we take action and either work with the product groups to get a resolution to the issues or we look at our processes, our procedures to try to improve.”

These are just some of the Anecdotes in which tech support companies, strive to bridge the gap between consumer satisfaction and technical support.

Increasingly, many consumers have resorted to fixing their problems on their own or seeking help from their neighbors or friends. This has significantly reduced the dependence on technical support, as a staggering amount of customers are found to have good knowledge of fixing basic problems related to their computers.

Download Report

The report entitled: “Combating Computer Stress Syndrome: Barriers and Best Practices in Computer Tech Support” can be downloaded from the following link:

Customer Experience Board

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