Sony has introduced another unique product of the NEX series in the market. The company has welcomed summer by launching a new video camera that captures still images as well. The model is named NEX-VG10 and will be priced $1999 in the markets. In May, Sony had already launched the very first interchangeable lens camera in the market. It was given the name of Alpha NEX-3 and NEX-5.

Size Does Not matter!

Even though the Alpha NEX camera models are quite small, they have a strong image sensor and thus have the ability to produce a good quality D-SLR result. Each camera has an auto focus feature, which makes taking videos and movies very enjoyable with such a wonderful camera in your hand. This camera will make you believe that the size of the camera does not matter.

Camcorder Lenses

Sony NEX-VG10 contains an 18-200mm lens that is equivalent to that of a camcorder. With such measurements, the size of the camera would have been quite similar to other NEX cameras; however, its large size and mounted handles make it comfortable for users who are willing to shoot handheld videos for a longer duration.


This larger form is applied to some other Sony cameras as well. Some more add-ons have been included, which make the device more attractive and unique. The special features include an input for a microphone, output for headphones and an electronic viewfinder. There are two shoe ports as well. One is for a cold shoe that supports numerous video accessories while the other one only works with Sony Alpha D-SLR accessories. A built in stereo recorder is worth mentioning as well.

What sets this camera apart from others?

There are two main features, which makes the NEX VG10 videos superior to the other NEX series cameras. Firstly, cameras usually display 17 megabits of data per second during video recording .The VG10s are exceptional because they displays up to 24 megabits per second. Secondly, the user has more control over the camera. You can control the shutter speed, the aperture, the white balance and ISO sensitivity. Overall, you have the freedom to make as many adjustments in video making which were only once possible with still photography. Just like other Sony cameras, the VG10s are also compatible with 21 other Alpha lenses of Sony. Unfortunately, the NEX-VG10 only provides JPEG images and does not capture images in RAW format.

Sony NEX-VG10 camcorders will be readily available in the market in early September for about $1999. You can get a full review of the product in September as well. This camera is gaining fame for its splendid auto focus facility. This camera will be competing with the traditional D-SLRs like Canon EOS Rebel T2i.If you are new to photography, then this camera will surely enhance your passion for it.