The latest version of the Google chrome leaves the beta stage and an overall version is just out. It is available for Mac, Windows as well as Linux operating systems. For those who are already using the Google Chrome in the beta stage can get updated to this latest version. Chrome designed for Mac operating systems have features such as synchronizing bookmarks and the browser settings. The most used Safari browser which is default in the Mac operating system can now be replaced with this new version of Google chrome. If the users are using Chrome already then they can upgrade to the greater version of the browser.

The latest version is equipped with better quality and speed. Though the speed of the browser depends on the java script tuning, there are also some other factors that contribute to the speed of the data transfer. The network speed, packets time out and the server load are also the contributing factors in the working of the browser. Google claims that the latest version has improved its speed to about 35% as compared to the previous versions. This is the reason why the most browser companies work on the speed of the browser every time they try to release a newer version. Google has also released a video to determine the speed of the new version Chrome.

It is more stable and is certain to take over the place of the default browser. Gaining heights in the market share Google chrome is being used by most of the users across the world. For those who wish to re-join the beta version, there is a separate beta loading page available for the users. Google has also said that its profit has increased from 213% to 305% with the release of Google Chrome. The beta version is available in Windows Vista, XP as well as the new windows 7.

Speed of the browser is important as most of the users complain about the speed of their browsing while using certain browsers. Some of the other factors can also be plugins and the toolbars. If there are many toolbars on the browser, it is difficult to load faster. Google has worked on this factor as well and with the effective Java script programming, these factors are avoided from controlling the speed of the browser. Now watching a movie on a Netflix site can be fast even in the Mac operating system.

Even those who have sued safari browser for quite some time considers Google Chrome as an ideal platform for fast browsing and state that the default browser can be replaced with the Chrome as it has got all the essentials required in a browser for fast browsing. By looking at the growth of Chrome it is certain that with the upcoming releases and the versions, speed would get even better and one can experience digital streaming at a very good rate. With the Google taking over most of the platforms, it is evident that the applications created by Google are set to create a history.