Sony expands its walkman collection by launching the new Sony NWZ-W250 walkman series, with innovative ultra Compact, Spiral form design and player built into earphones.

“With the latest Walkman W series and B series, Sony offers users media players that are lightweight and durable, with extended playback times that are perfect for users that lead active, sporty lifestyles. In addition, the NWZ-W250 series is now water resistant and washable, so users can always enjoy their music, be it rain or shine,” says, Assistant General Manager, Personal Audio Marketing, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific.

It is designed for today’s sporty and active lifestyles; the new W series walkman is the first wearable Spiral form MP3 player with wire-free design and water resistant. You can wear this while taking a shower or while exercising in gym. If you are among those who love portable media Players, then simply check this new walkman series from Sony.

Available in four colors, Sony walkman series is lightweight, with 2GB of storage that helps users to organize music via Content Transfer Software. Not only this, it also supports DRM as well as non-DRM AAC files from iTunes and Windows Media Player. It also supports an awesome battery life of 11 hrs, and sometimes, if you are in a hurry and losing battery power then this player is made for you, as it includes a quick charge feature, which gives you 90 minutes of battery life from just 3 minute charging.

This time Sony launches New W-series walkman with no screen, plus you will a find a new and innovative Zappin feature, which allow user to browse their favorite track by simply playing a short sample of each song from music library. Moreover, a small CKS-NWW250 carry case comes as an optional accessory protects with your walkman.

B-series walkman have stylish, sporty looks with metallic touch on its USB cap, like the W-series. Lipstick-sized B-series walkman also offers a wide variety of audio and other features like voice and FM recording, one touch bass Enhancer to hike music performance, Zappin for quick music playback,

Feature of new W- series and B-series Sony walkman
• Drag and drop
• 2GB capacity, store upto 500 songs
• Zappin Technology
• 12 hour battery life with quick recharge feature
• 13.5mm driver units
• Excellent sound quality
• Jog Dial for easier music navigation