Dell has again pulled another trick out of its hat and has released a new gadget in the market that is simply one to die for. This new gadget, Inspiron Dells M301z, is super sleek, measuring less than one inch in thickness, making it very light to travel with. Clearly, this gadget is set to go far and it is going to prove an instant hit with business people and managers who are always on the move. The Inspiron M301z weighs less than 1000 g and has been designed keeping in mind the travelling needs of executives.

This ultra modern notebook is the latest in the range of notebooks and comes fitted with extra features. Its release has put Dell a step ahead of its peers and competitors. Inspiron Dells M301z is powered by either an AMD Athlon single core processor or dual core K325 Athlon processor. It has a 13.3 inch with an LED display that makes the notebook user friendly. It has a 8GB RAM and hard drive of 640GB.

At first glance, the notebook looks like a technological refurbishment of its predecessors, but do not let this fool you, because it has additional features that have never been seen before. With two USB ports, work would now be easier and so should the connection of hardware. It has one card reader and comes fitted with a microphone and a headphone port.

In addition, to all the above features, this notebook also comes with built in stereo speakers that have a power usage and output of up to 0.5 watts and come with a built in six cell battery pack. Dell Inspiron M301z has a DVD drive, which can read all discs. The notebook has optional feature s like 1.3 mega pixel and blue tooth.

Inspiron M301z is priced at around $1000 and comes installed with Microsoft Windows 7. This notebook is now available at all Dell outlets;  or you can go online to purchase this laptop and it will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Dell Inspiron M301z comes in piano black color and for the first few buyers, there will be no shipping charges on delivery. Dell Inspiron M301z comes with all relevant software installed and is ready to use. Despite the slighter higher price, Inspiron Dells M301z is a good buy; especially if you consider the functions that it is capable of performing. Dell’s newest addition, Inspiron M301z, is a notebook, which incorporates technology, performance and style, all in one package.