Let us all face the fact the media today is evolving really fast. Media started to print stories on clean sheets of paper, delivered door to door or can be bought through newspaper stands and malls. In a matter of tears, the radio got invented. People were contented with listening to the voices of radio newscasters and imagining the news based on how it was said through the radio. But then it evolved again.

Televisions were used to catch the attention of people eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. News flash was quite the trend during the past few years. However, one grand event happened, the making of the news in the internet. During the previous years, people can find news by logging in to various sites of newspaper companies or by simply searching them on Google. But now, since Twitter and Facebook is quite in, news can now be seen on your very own feeds.

What Twitter has To Offer

Phoenix Business Journal has passed about 5,000 Twitter followers today. It is indeed a huge milestone. The news company stated that it has been more than a year that they have found the right communication tool to deliver news daily to people in the fastest and most effective way. However, some doubt the capacity of Twitter today. Others believe that it is just a fad. But the Phoenix Business Journal believes that this will go a long way for them or at least until something way better will emerge.

A number of tweets have been sent, for about 3,557 tweets @phxbizjournal for the previous one and a half year. But this number does not include the thousand tweets sent by the accounts of reporters and editors on the same time frame. That is really a huge number of news for the world. This also includes some tidbits.

Various pieces of information can be taken from Twitter. This information is under a wide variety of categories. A focus group discussion has been conducted by the Phoenix Business Journal’s sister company and most of them get their news through Twitter feeds. This includes most middle adult people aging from 30 to 0 years old. Phoenix Business Journal also posts important stories and information on their Facebook page. Their fans are up to 2,319 and this number is still increasing.

Reporters’ Preference

Most writers and reporters, even the old ones, love the idea of this new social media.  A statement released this day by the Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism decided to conduct several sessions for in-depth interviews with about 475 business journalists throughout the United States and showed that in the past few years (about five years), 75 percent of these people said they are now using and loving the social media. Even the veterans are voluntarily embracing such kind of media.

Through Facebook and Twitter, the Phoenix Business Journal has truly delivered news in a unique way. These sites truly help individuals be informed with life’s updates and news. This may sound like a cliché, but in whatever way news can be delivered, it is always believed that knowledge is power.