Graphics are more of an important factor now. There was a time back in the past where people use to have command line running all the application but then out of a gradual development, things changed and everything got a colorful interface that was simple in the beginning and became complex, colorful and attractive later on. Now the world is moving on to 3D graphics.

A similar movement was noticed when the DDC-I and ALD Software have announced their collaboration to support the AMD High Performance ATI Radeon e4690 graphics processing units on the real-time operating system authored by DDI. ALT is going to integrate the DO-178B certifiable embedded OpenGL Graphics driver. The complete combination will allow the users to make the best out of the visual technology and you will be able to notice the display of some safety-critical defiance applications and aerospace applications.

ATI Radeon e4690:

The ATI Radeon e4690 is the fastest and the highest performing GPU with embedding compatibilities. The power consumption is quite reasonable while the performance is complete high notch. The latest generation provides you with the performance that is three times faster than its own predecessor. The previous processors have been used in the avionics market so far. The latest of the series comes with all the necessary features that are required in the avionics system including the 3D synthetic vision applications and the ability to run some power oriented performance.

The e4690 is one of the highest performing GPU for such applications that are in the use of military giving you the diverse graphics and video requirements that you actually want. The collaborative effort between DDC-I and ALT Software will be an excellent venture as both the companies excel in their respective domains. You can expect to have a powerful, efficient, readily certifiable solution for all the avionics based demands and display systems that are being used in all such processes.

DDC-I’s role:

The operating system that is authored by DDC-I is one of the best option available on the planet and it has been used for many of the safety-critical avionics applications on all the commercial as well as military aircrafts. Deos RTOS is certainly one of the most effective option that has been made and used around the world. You get to have an easy to handle and low price solution in the form of Deos with the DO-178B Level certification at the same time. By far, this certification is the highest level of safety criticality.

ALT’s Role:

ALT has been into the business dealing with the Deos for the past decade as well as it did provide support to the PowerPC and x86 for AMD’s ATI Radeon GPUs on Deos. Both the companies in collaboration have done many projects so far where the customers were quite satisfied with the products that they have come up with in the field of avionics display systems. The target ultimately is to achieve the best performance solution after integrating the hardware and application in the best possible manner so that they come up with the optimal results all the time and the efficiency of RTOS with the graphics driver increase considerably.