Pokémon has been Nintendo’s best selling mantra ever since its inception in the 90’s. This year’s release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver, are remakes of the previous versions that were released in 2000. Even after ten years Heart Gold and Soul Silver have inspired many fantasy games genre enthusiasts. The newer versions are an improvement on original games. The newer versions of Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver provide users with a unique game experience as; they can play the games on newer technology platforms such as the Wii and the Nintendo DS.

Over the years Nintendo has developed exciting technological platform such as the Wii and the DS. Though many of the game titles are as old as ten years; Nintendo continues to upgrade its games in terms a better visual appeal and interaction.

The levels in the new Pokémon games are significantly different from previous version. The new games have more of strategy genre which involves intensive investigations in each level. If you enjoy strategy gaming, you will enjoy this new version of Pokémon.

What really makes Pokémon appealing to the audience is the story line through which a character in the game reaches to higher levels in the game, attaining greater power. Even after ten years the Pokémon story still impresses gamers, especially with the new and improved technological devices.