Google has ever been coming up with updates from around the world in order to make Internet an excellent experience for you. Every product that they have featured is not only profitable for computer users but their domain expands to other electronic devices as palmtops and smartphones. Google has ever tried to make sure that you are facilitated by the best services that they tend to provide you with.

Google Maps

Google maps is a simple service that is an organization of maps from around the world connected in a way as to guide you through your routes. The simple two dimensional services is doubtlessly the lightest version of the interactive maps that you can surf while using the web on your computer or mobile. The application has been expanding its services throughout its formation at the first place.

Google Maps already have the whole lot of following services for its mobile users:

  • My Location: This feature gives you communication and your location at the same time even while you don’t have GPS with you. The technology uses intelligent tools in order to trace your location through the Internet you are using.
  • Business Intelligence: This feature gives you with places of your interest around your specific location that is already traced by the My Location tool.
  • Driving Directions: You need not to input your starting point even, My Location would do the job, enter the destination of your choice and get all the directions to your destination.
  • Navigation: This feature is available for just the users who have GPS support on their mobile phones. This would give you step by step instructions based on text and voice, the choice would be yours depending on your phone.
  • Latitude: Latitude is another phone based service that you can easily use in order to update your location and get updates from your friends and family about their locations. Start maps and then join latitude to enjoy the services.
  • Biking directions: Get proper directions for biking as well as get updates about the possible tracks that are suited for biking. Get information about the exclusive tracks as well.
  • Street View: Street View gives you with the 3 Dimensional view of the place that you are surfing on the simple map. This would give you an idea of how the place looks like.
  • Traffic: You can make a selection of your routes while keeping an eye on traffic density on different routes.

The Latest Development

The best of all developments is the latest ones. Google Maps for Android Version 4.3 features transit info as well as all other information. In addition, it has the information listed in the start of this writing. You can have a real time experience and contact your friends and let them know about your locations through the services.

People living in the big cities need only to make a click on the station and they would be presented with all the arrivals and departures of trains and buses. This update is free of cost and Google tries to make sure that you don’t miss a train because you didn’t know the time.