ESET NOD32 Antivirus popularly known as NOD32 is one of the excellent antivirus that is running all around the world and providing quality services to people around the world. The antivirus tends to run on all major operating systems apart from the Mac OS. ESET is a Slovak company offering two editions of the antivirus namely Home Edition and Business Edition.

NOD 32 has been the antivirus that has always got excellent worth in the market in terms of reviews from people who have been using it as well as from those who have been testing it on high levels. The Antivirus programs have over 40 wins from different award distributing organizations with respect to the quality that it has been rendering. The best part about this quality antivirus software is that you need not to have overwhelming resources to run the program.

The latest release:

ESET has launched the 4.2.58 release of NOD32 Antivirus almost two weeks ago on 07/06/2010 in three languages English (ENU), Slovak (SKY) and Czech (CSY) and it is expected that other languages are going to follow shortly. The new version is available on the download page of the ESET NOD32 download page and you can have the upgrade installation over the current version of your NOD32 antivirus.

A number of revisions have been made in the antivirus software with better compatibility this time. NOD32 in the latest release has added support for the Microsoft Outlook 2010. There have been a number of fixes made in the software to make it even more productive. The latest release does not create temporary profiles on Windows 7 that was creating an issue previously. The ESI memory now does not leak on the x64 systems as it used to do in the previous releases. There had been many other issues like the default button that did not perform the function, ClusterStorage Cluster folder, Windows Live Mail crash, crash of the Interface while scanning emails; all have been resolved in the latest release.

The taskbar color and the color of the window are made the same in order to give it a n ice look on the taskbar as well as the system tray icons have been revised. You can have the real time protection as you even wanted out of your antivirus software.

E-mail protection:

The major revisions made in the NOD32 are with respect to the email as well as other related communications. The latest released has embedded with Outlook Express and any outgoing message is tagged with NOD32’s message about being clean and clear of viruses. You can now have a click to run installation while integrating with Microsoft Outlook Express 2010. There used to be a crash that used to occur when the Windows Live Mail used to crash; the error has been fixed in the latest release of ESET NOD32.

ESET has revised a number of things in the latest version of the NOD32 antivirus and now you can easily have your working go smooth compared to the previous versions. The greatest revision is e-mail perhaps. The compatibility with many different e-mail clients has been revised in order to come up as a more productive solution.