The tiffs between the two mobile producing giants continue, and this is not the first time that the accusations are flying across each others back. This time around Nokia has blatantly accused Apple for stealing their ideas and in a bid to get it all back have even filed a lawsuit against the smartphone giants in the United States.

According to Nokia, Apple seems to have stolen their idea on data transmission and speech enhancement. This is directly infringing on patents, but we are quiet confident that Apple will see through this as well, or like the other infringement cases against them this one too will carry on till a few more years. Apart from those two patent infringement cases, Nokia has also accused Apple of stealing their innovations that include antenna configurations which helps in improving the performance as well as helps in saving a lot on space. This saving eventually works well for those wanting to make devices that are compact but yet powerful.

There has also been a press release by Nokia, and this was held by the general manager of Nokia’s patent licensing Paul Melin who in his own words struck back at Apple and at the same time tried to justify their filing of patent infringement. This is what Paul had to say to the press “Nokia has been the leading developer of many key technologies in mobile devices. We have taken this step to protect the results of our pioneering development and to put an end to continued unlawful use of Nokia’s innovation.”

This is not the first lawsuit that Apple has been slapped with, infact over the years they have managed to get quiet a few into their fold. However what most of us wonder is why there is never an outcome against Apple, and if everything is hushed up even before the verdict is reached? Anyways this is all business game and it is difficult for us to understand the inside matters. Nokia hasn’t been the only one slapping infringement cases against Apple, not a few months ago HTC were at it too.

The battle of the two greats Nokia and Apple however does not seem to end, and it just keeps volleying against each other, reminds you of a lawn tennis game where the ball volleys into the players court from time to time. However who wins match point here is yet to be known.

What we do know is that October 2009 was when Nokia had filed a lawsuit against Apple. It took only 2 months for Apple to volley it back (again patents) into Nokia’s ground. And now Nokia is back with its patent volley.. Another lawsuit probably from Apple’s end and the entire gamut of volleys between these two companies will fizzle out.

Nokia however thought of the best time to mar Apple’s brand. The accusations come after Apple announced that it would release the iPad in the UK markets. The date for the iPad release in the UK markets is slated to be May 28th and the prices are £429 onwards