The battle between Nokia and Opera with Apple has heated up and reached great heights, especially after the introduction of the new flash software by Adobe. This technology has been used by lots of mobile phone companies in their devices except for Apple, who are of the opinion that the software is not up to the mark and that is not suitable enough for mobile phones.

Nokia, one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones in the world, has decided to go against its rival Apple on this front and support Adobe. There are lots of phones which have flash-based games but Apple is the only company which does not support such flash games in its device. According to Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, the flash software is not well suited for smart phones and it might interfere with other aspects of the phone as well. However, the management representatives of both Nokia and Opera contradicted with what Steve Jobs had to say and they openly supported the usage of flash by saying that it is the best thing that has ever happened to the smart phones! There are lots of people who believe that both Nokia and Opera have come out in support of Adobe not because they truly believe in the effectiveness of the software but because they want to contradict with whatever Apple has to say. This is a result of an ongoing cold war between these highly respected companies.

The hostility between Adobe and Apple was kick started with Apple criticizing the flash software for being very “buggy” and bringing down the battery life of the phone. Adobe retaliated by criticizing Apple for its Czar-like behavior along with its efforts to dominate the companies which have been making programs and other softwares for its world famous products such as the iPhone and the iPad.

If you ask experts and professionals as to why Apple is opposing the usage of flash in mobile phones, they have a story to say as well! According to them, the battery issue is something that Steve Jobs is over exaggerating about. They think that all phones which use this software do not have problems with their battery life and one of the major reasons why Apple is opposing this software is because of the poor battery life of their own phones!

The other alleged problem with this software is the frequent crashing of the phone or the bugging aspect of the software for which the experts say that Adobe is a company having great reputation and it takes lot of pride in whatever products that it introduces in the market. They would, at no cost, introduce software which would be a potential threat to the device which uses it. Even if there are any problems experienced by the users of this technology, they can always get in touch with Adobe to get their problems rectified. Having noticed Adobe for a while now, they are sure to look into any customer complaints and provide great solutions, like they always have!