The new Nokia C7 is for everyone with its individual style and presence. It shares much of the architecture from Nokia N8 and also from upcoming Nokia C6-01. Nokia C7 is going to be sold in many countries that speak different languages, think differently and also from the different cultures. So it is very obvious to get a complex picture about this device.

This device is designed to make them feel familiar with features and it also made Nokia team to come up with some innovations to make it possible. Many a times, The Ovi store will be used in this scenario to download some of the best features and tools. The phone is set to reach a vast audience and that is why Nokia team is determined to provide best features in one device which can connect to all types of users.

Texting is a big part of the Nokia C7 users’ interaction with the device. Nokia C7 project team used a different idea of using a new method of haptic feedback, using a linear vibra to offer the feedback instead of using a traditional rotary vibra. Vibra is nothing but a mechanical device which causes the vibration you sense from the haptic feedback. This idea enabled them to get more tuned feedback about Touchscreen texting.

Nokia C7 is also using the new innovation called Bio paint but the fact is to get the right material. Nokia is a popular brand and C7 is also going to be a mass market hit, so it is very important to think about the environmental effect of such paints. Keeping that in mind Tim said“Color matching is vital but with different materials, a new type of paint and different suppliers, we spent a lot of time trying to get it just right.” We can easily say that it was well time spent with a look at its finishing.

Tim Allen also added that his role is to represent the consumers and to ensure all the things they want in a device. There are deadlines to be met and other things also to finish with this Nokia C7. We hope to see the model in the market soon.