This seems more like the clash of Titans. Within hours of launching iphone 4, Apple was disgraced with the reports of weak reception. iphone 4 was a prestigious brand for the electronic giant, Apple. The disclosure of the reception problem has surprised Apple admirers who have been waiting eagerly for the launch of this phenomenal gadget. Soon after the debacle, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs asked the buyers to hold the iphone4 in a specific manner to avoid signal problems.

This gave Nokia an opportinity to have a take on their archrivals. Soon after the press release of Apple CEO, Nokia officials made it clear that they are the number one mobile company of the world not only because of their technological innovations but also for manufacturing user friendly products. Hitting hard at the reception error of Apple iphone 4 Nokia made it clear that their mobiles can be held in any manner. The world no.1 mobile phone manufacturer was proud to proclaim that Nokia phones will never lose signal despite being held in any position.

Nokia went on to elaborate the different ways of holding mobiles. Their technical experts briefed the customers about the 4 distinctive ways of holding mobile phones. While Apple initially might not have taken the iphone4 issue much seriously, but with Nokia’s proclamation about the high quality and user friendliness of their product, the former has to look into the matter deeply.

On the other hand iphone 4 users are not very happy with the restrictions imposed on them. They haven’t shelled out big bucks to listen to such limitations. Apple has to remember that every individual follows a different style of holding phones. Moreover, it is not always possible to keep such silly instructions in mind. Apple just can’t ask the iphone4 users to compromise on such issues.

The unvoiced tug of war between two giants is really enjoyable. The best part is that the gadget freaks are going to have a gala time. If you are thinking how you will be benefited from this duel then let me explain the fact more precisely. Both the mobile giants are gearing up to launch some wonderful smart phones in order to serve the users better. Apple will try its best to compensate for the damage caused to its reputation by iphone 4 by launching more updated and fashionable mobiles. Nokia will try to regain its lost glory by encashing on the repeated complains from the iPhone4 users.

Nokia will try and counter the bad signal reception of Apple iphone 4 by launching even more user friendly and hi tech handsets across the world. So it is the gadget freaks that will have a good time! The pricing will be reasonable as both the companies will eye for the largest market share. Though Apple is presently enjoying a larger share compared to Nokia, the latter will try its best to cross the former in every possible way.

So just wait and watch how Nokia counters Apple iPhone 4 and launches some of the most wonderful mobile phones of this era!