The X6 comes with its thick phone body, but it is light weight when held in hand. The model looks very familiar since its design was based on the Symbian S60 operating system. Hence, it would nearly look like other Nokia phone models which were also in the Symbian operating system basis. The Symbian OS has been powering Nokia for nearly ten years.

Nokia X6 comes in two different versions. One with 32GB storage and comes with a music package. This would mean that downloads are unlimitedly available for a whole year. The other one is the 16GB version which is more basic compared to the 32GB. No downloading of music is offered in this phone version. Both differ by a hundred pounds regarding the price. The phone’s Touch-screen makes your phone capacitive enough but it may appear a bit futile on the other hand. This feature may seem to cause the phone to take time when loading something. And in my case, this pause loading effect pisses me off.

But anyways it does not always mean the phone has to perform this way. Although some other Nokia phones may look like this one, it still has a very odd design. A slider is used to unlock the phone on its side. The touch-based browser’s inaccuracy is also a problem. You might find yourself more comfortable with the other way when it comes to downloading of songs. One irritating thing about this matter is that, when downloading an album, you do not have other choice but to download them piece by piece. Individual downloading may cause you to experience more pause loading since it would actually take more time. When this happens, your download may screw up a bit and it might really get through your nerves.

The phone has a pretty good video player since it is able to store up to 10-15 movies due to its 32GB storage. The Blue tooth headphones are quite impressive too, it is very convenient to use. The X6 has an internet browser which would really be awful enough to piss you off. It doesn’t respond fast enough with a single touch, and it navigates so slowly. This would mean you might have to take all the time in the world to do a single task on it without getting to lose your temper. Despite the bad facts, the camera is not that bad for its 5 mega pixels.

It is quite hard to put this phone into vivid descriptions. Despite the fact that it is well polished and all, it seems to bag up all the inconvenience you would barely hate about phones. Well it is convenient in some other way, but the inconvenient side seems to strike it out of balance. It is a bit hard to picture out how this phone would be in great sales these days, but this would clearly work for someone who simply uses the phone for Audio-viewing purposes. It would work out well if not used for day by day connective tasks. It appears that this phone model still has certain inequities, but further upgrades are much expected to improve the whole thing.