Offerpal has recently decided to help the game developers of Facebook to move off the platform. Offerpal is one of today’s biggest and most successful in-game monetization companies. They plan to move off the regular platform and on to other channels for distribution such as MySpace or Yahoo. However, Offerpal is not the only company that is focusing on attaining this particular ambition.

Four other companies have recently launched their own social gaming features that are outside Facebook, such as WildTangent, Sony, Oberon, and Hi5. The efforts of these companies have not yet received much coverage since there is a presently existing logjam of news because of the ongoing Casual Connect conference that is held in Seattle.

However, just because they are not getting as much coverage like the efforts of other companies, that does not necessarily or immediately mean that they are any less significant. This only reflects that a lot of companies are interested in having a slice of the market that Facebook has right now.

Oberon Media is actually a huge casual gaming company that is famous for its cross-platform work. One of its tools, Blaze, is perfect for today’s publishers, as it gives today’s social games much broader distribution across other websites, like MSN UK and AT&T Games. These two aforementioned platforms are actually already quite active, especially when it comes to the move of today’s casual market.

What Oberon does is that it gives the developers broader reach and keeps them connected to the social graph, something that can only be availed today through Facebook Connect. Experts in this field say that Blaze is most likely the least unusual of all of the platforms that are being launched around this time. At present, its main competitors are Mochi Media and Viximo.

Hi5 has made it quite obvious to the public too many times that the company is interested in attracting Facebook developers. Despite the fact that Hi5 recently launched a unique developer program back in March, it has now launched a new developer plan. This new plan is purposely fashioned to give companies today a less risky way of adding their own games to the network of Hi5.

At present, Hi5 is looking forward to evolving from a social networking site to a social gaming platform. However, even if this is their main focus today, they are not primarily interested in stealing the developers of Facebook. In fact, Hi5 is using Facebook’s entirety as much as possible. Hi5 has cloned Facebook’s APIs and has also utilized the latter site’s social graph. Although it may seem like they merely copied everything from Facebook, Hi5 is still unique since it has its own channels for viral distribution, as well as services for monetization.

To date, Hi5 is still not disclosing the developers that they are working with. However, in some press releases, it can be read that most quotes came from Sneaky Games as well as Bigpoint.

Sony is also not about to pass this by, as they are also preparing for getting more social games into their very own console, Playstation 3. The platform for this concept actually already exists, and they called it the Home Virtual World. This new platform can actually be availed in the PS3 consoles and has more or less fourteen million users who are officially registered.