Peter Norton himself wrote the code for his antivirus which later ruled the world of protection software’s market. Norton has been in this business for long and has always been a good player. Recently people have a notion that Norton products are messy and hard to install and harder to remove. People think of Norton as bulky software which consumes lots of system resources and makes the system sluggish. This notion stands low in front of the fact that Norton protects your PC wonderfully. Norton has developed various products for protecting computers which are connected to a network. It could be protection over the internet or over the intranet Norton is everywhere. After so many years of PC protection Norton has announced the launch of its project called “Norton Everywhere”. This project is for developing products which will actually protect anything and everything which is connected to a network – again Internet and Intranet both. As announced by Norton, Norton Everywhere is an initiative to provide Security, Data Safeguarding, and Infrastructure related software for various consumer devices which have capability to connect to the internet. Devices like Mobile phones, Game consoles, DVR’s, Televisions, and other smart devices. According to IDC there are 10 billion non PC devices which have the capability to connect to the internet and many of these devices lack built in security against cyber vulnerabilities. This number is expected to grow about 20 billion by 2014 and Norton is targeting the same.

Norton Everywhere is the mother project and consists of several sub/mini projects.

Some of the Sub-Projects of Norton  are:

  • Norton Connect.

It is an application for iPhones, iPads, and Android Phones with which they can connect to Norton online backup or Norton 360. It gives them access to all the files they have stored using the above mentioned backup software. This application would be available for download from iPhone store or from the online Android market.

  • Norton Mobile.

It is an application for downloading Norton software directly on mobile phones.

  • Norton DNS.

It is a DNS which filters the data for more reliability, safe browsing, and faster internet connection. It enhances the browsing experience by providing various services like antiphishing, antimalware, and antispyware at the DNS level.

  • Norton for Smart Devices.

Recently Norton has announced a strategic partnership with Mocana Corporation for initiating the Norton Smart Device project. Under this project Norton will key solutions for the protection of smart devices. This will be done by securely upgrading the devices firmware, operating system, and applications for protecting them over the internet. Norton has plans to partner with major smart device manufactures for intelligently upgrading the protection technology on their products.