Notion Ink Adam Tablet has finally overcome, what seemed to be, a long list of hiccups that proved to be major obstacles in its path of the device being made available to the consumers, an eager lot of tech-savvy people, who have already pre-ordered for the same. Its shipment has been cleared by FCC (Federal Communications Commission). It appears that those who waited so long just to hold the gadget in their hands will finally see their patience bearing fruits.  Notion Ink to is a brilliant attempt at making the Smartphone operating system function all the more smoothly on tablets.

For now the Notion Ink Adam Tablet will be shipped across all corners of the globe with the option of having a Pixel Qi low power transflective display, which I’m sure is material enough to tempt anyone and feel it as the most coveted gadget. A simple fact that is self-explanatory is that this 10.1 inch device is one of the first gadgets to have offered this option. The gadget is fully loaded with a host of attractive features including: 1GB memory, a storage space of 8+GB, SLC flash memory of 1GB, Nvidia’s Tegra 2 processor with dual core Cortex-A9 and ULP (Ultra-low Power) GPU. (Graphic Processing Unit). If you feel this is not enough to tempt your tech-buds this is not all. To add to it you also have a 3.2 megapixel swivel camera with auto-focus, two 2.0 USB ports, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output, ambient light sensor, Bluetooth 2.1, stereo speakers, a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-cell battery that would allow you to enjoy the luxury of 16 hours uninterrupted power supply.

What might seem a speed-breaker in the smooth run of desires being fulfilled is that you might not be immediately able to lay your hands on this device (costing $375) right away. This is because advance orders have been placed since more than a month ago.

Four versions of Notion Ink’s Adam Tablet will be available. Out of these two of the versions will have the striking feature of Pixel Qi screen and the other two will come bundled with LCD, which has a resolution of 1024×758. The price tag will vary in accordance with the features available. While the lower limit for the LCD/WiFi featured version would be $375.33, for the LCD/WiFi+3G feature version it is $425.33.

The situation seems to have stabilized now, with the company claiming the delivery date would be sometime at the month of January for the orders that earlier carried date of delivery set in February. So it is finally good to know that Notion Ink is all set to ship the orders. So all those who had pre-ordered this seemingly perfect kind of device, keep your fingers crossed with hearts full of hope, because you might receive your order any day now.