The Indian based company Notion Ink presented its much awaited product prototype at the Barcelona Mobile Word Congress dated 15 to 18 of February, 2010. The Adam Tablet makes its way to the public two days before its showcase in Barcelona MWC, in the television show known as the Technoholik, Rohan Shravan Founder and Director Creatives at Notion Ink introduced the tablet in the world.

The Notion Ink Adam Tablet gained its favorable reviews due to its revolutionary 10 inches transflective PixelQi touch screen LCD. The 1024 x 600 PixelQi display offer viewing of high resolution video and photo in four different resolution mode, the normal mode, the full colored resolution, the black and white and e-paper mode. The e-paper mode enables the battery to last longer giving the Adam the opportunity to prove and claimed itself as the optimum battery power saver, such claimed will be justify once the tablet goes to firsthand experience with the public. One amazing advantages of this tablet is the ability of the screen to function clearly and normally under the bright sunlight.

The second remarkable specification of Adam is its evolutionary design to use NVidia Tegra 2 that is a tablet pack by 1 GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor and 32 bit LP-DDR2. Adam provided viewing of full high definition multimedia in low power consumption.

The Notion Ink design Adam Tablet supporting Android OS 2.1, Ubuntu, Chromium and Google chrome OS. Adam also comes with a 3 megapixel built-in autofocus camera that can bend in 180°turn. Adam also has SD-card slot for expansion, a HDMI output of 1080p, proximity sensor, AGPS, touchpad and accelerometer. Adam wireless capabilities support Wi-Fi, 3G (HSPA/GHSM) and Bluetooth (US edition). The Tablet has a weight of 1.7 pounds, capable of multitasking and supporting Adobe Flash 10.1.

The pricing for Adam is still in discussion stage for Notion Ink but founder director Rohan Shravan state in his interview in Technoholik an estimation price of $327 to $800. The lesser price is said for the basic unit while the higher price is for high end models. In comparison with the other competitor, Adam tops his opponent with regards to pricing.

In his last blog on June 9, 2010, Director Shravan state that the supposed November released was not true. Shravan say in his blog that he has some modification and finalization to do addressing specifically to the 2 final variants of the tablet, the tablets with a normal LCD and those with dual display PQ version. He also address that he has some evaluation regarding another platform which will be extremely efficient on battery and much cheaper. And in his final message, Shravan talk about their new business partner and their perfect relationship though he never revealed the exact amount involved.

The Notion Ink Adam Tablet is a considerable device which will sure hit the market provided by right product management and customer relation. It holds a great threat to its competition and now being talk by technological communities. For now all we can do is to wait for Notion Ink to advice Adam released date.

Overall, Notion Ink Adam Tablet is a powerful innovation as seen in its highly sophisticated design and composition. The tablet will sure raise the standard of mobile devices and change the views of many tablet’s users.