The word is out. Notion Ink Adam (a tablet similar to the iPad) is set to make a direct impact on Apple’s iPad and emerge as a competitor.

After the iPhone, Apples release of a tablet was to set new market margin, as the design and innovation of the iPhone have now been exhausted by the sheer amount of mobile phones that are being developed, by other companies similar to the iPhone.

Notion Ink Adam is not going to hit the market anytime soon. However its features and price range will certainly take the competitive edge over iPad. Some of the features of Notion Ink Adam include:

  • Pixel Qi’s 3qi LCD display
  • Energy usage of 2.5 watts for LCD screen
  • Powerful NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset
  • 1080p HD video
  • 10 inch touch screen with 1024×600 resolution
  • Android Operating System

The features are rather an impressive line-up of power packed punch that would give a definitive edage over Apple’s iPad. However the consumer expectation from Notion Ink Adam will only be decided once its launched in the market. Till now no release date has been specified. However according to rumors in the market the Notion Ink Adam is said to be placed in a price band of $600.

Many tablet companies are taking advantage of the fact that with the release of the iPad a market based would be set up, through which companies will get a new target audience. Apple has to be prepared for any such products being released into the market in terms of innovation and design. It has to continually assess the iPad’s brand presence in the market in order to safeguard it from exhaustive competition.

In the light of the competition, Notion Ink Adam definitely seems to be the ultimate “killer” with regards to direct competition with the iPad. However let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that it delivers more than the iPad.