Google has been in the forefront of the internet and has been one of the major forces on the internet for nearly a decade. The fact that this company had been having many business interests including the search engine and the advertisement business that is also based on the search engines has made the company very popular to an entire generation of people.

Google Enters Social Networking World

These days, Google has been trying to enter the world of social networking too, but with limited success. The company had first entered the social networking with the start of the site Orkut, but the site never became popular all over the globe. It is very popular in South America and also in parts of Asia, but the main places where the online businesses create huge chunks of income are the United States and also Europe. Since Orkut did not penetrate these barriers, Google is trying to find a method of entering this bastion.

Facebook has been hugely popular in creating a site that is adding hundreds and thousands of people each day to its site. This rapid growth of the site has made it to become very popular. Other than the popularity, Google also knows that the word Google became a household name only because of the income that it earned though advertisements and the popularity of the site. As the site became popular, it could use the information that people provided it to use it to expand its own business.

These days, the maximum time that people spend online is spent on one of the many social networking sites. This has caused these people to use their personal information in these sites. This could help sites like Facebook to rapidly expand the network with the use of this personal information to expand the advertisements and also the popularity.

Google wants to take over the position to be the giant who has also conquered the last bastion. The site started a new social networking foray when it started the Google Buzz, but the fact that people were not really interested in it and the fact that it used the frequently emailed feature to add on friends automatically was criticized. This again caused Google to be on the back foot.

Google Me

The most recent foray by Google into social networking is the start of Google Me. The various features of this new foray are not clearly known, but it is said that Google will add all of the existing features to the site and make it useful for the people who use the networking site has caused a bit of excitement. If Google is successful in this foray, then it could slowly but steadily rebuild the empire that it started to build so well. Google might well be able to achieve the breakthrough that they have been hoping for in spite of the various delays that have been happening in their success. If this happens, then this might be the next biggest chapter in the life of the internet. It remains to be seen if the Google Me features are attractive and will help the people to create their own applications for various uses on this site.