Apple has always done an excellent job when it comes to providing ease of use and the most simple and friendly user interface in their operating system. And this time Apple has reached another milestone of simplicity in user interface with the provision of this specific app.

FaceTime is video calling app that works perfectly on the WiFi and 3G networks. The usage is one-tap simple, the specialty of Apple. Find any contact in your iPhone 4 who possess the same phone and with one tap you can start the video call. No need to setup an account even. The camera used for calling is the front camera but the best thing is that with a flip you can shift to the standard back camera and show people the view of your sight.

Unveiling of FaceTime

When iPhone 4 was launched it definitely came with the most expected feature that everyone was waiting for. Yes! iPhone 4 was loaded with dual camera for video conferencing which was made possible with the FaceTime app. This app only works on the iPhone 4. Steve Jobs announced “one more thing” at World Wide Developers Conference 2010, and it was this very app, the FaceTime.

FaceTime over Wifi in an Airplane

It is interesting how Apples video calling is working on Airplanes’ Wifi connections where top of the line products like Skype and Aircell’s Gogo are being blocked using heavy firewalls and restrictions. Maybe its Apple’s marketing strategy that turn every signal green for the Apple products.

Recently an iPhone user called his wife over the iPhone 4 FaceTime. According to him, he uses Wifi network of Airplane to do his work while he is onboard. He has been doing this since a couple of years but he was very excited to have a conversation with his wife who back home and had purchased her iPhone 4 a few days ago.

How It Happened

The owner of blog named TUAW managed to have a video call with this iPhone owner named Bill. Bill also is a regular reader and follower of TUAW and keeps on interacting with the owner of the blog from time to time. The duration of this call is of solid 2 minutes. Although the video is a bit slow but it makes it way more interesting when Bill flips his cell camera to the standard rear camera and shows the view of clouds in the sky from the airplane’s window. Bill managed to talk of airplane’s Wifi although we know about the fact that a few iPhone 4 users have faced quite a lot of trouble while making FaceTime calls in a highly firewalled access point environment, like the one found in hotels and corporate offices.

This video was recorded on an iPhone 3Gs in TUAW’s home while she had her son Peter jumping on her. This video then was uploaded to the most favorite and popular video sharing media, YouTube. This video has gone very popular and is attracting a lot of viewers.