Not more than a decade ago people did not knew what Google was exactly about but now the scenario has changed. Google is now touching relatively all spheres of life and all thanks to the programmers and the technological advancement that we live in a comfortable world.

The wave of Google touches every shore and the world is already rocking with it. The all new platform that Google has provided is loaded with tons of application. Many of the Google applications have become a part of daily life of millions. Applications like YouTube are always flooded with visitors and their contents are uploaded and downloaded every second. Some other applications like Google Calendar have become the schedule diary for even the top professionals.

The All New Google Docs

Google Docs has already set fire in the cyber world and the facilities are many. This is the first ever online web application that has made real time collaboration possible. Some of the basic work of word processors can be done easily using the Google Docs. Things like simple editing, making tables, writing comments and even adding formulas can be done in it. Google Docs gives the facility of uploading documents directly from your computer and it supports a large variety of formats like DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, PPT and many more. Unlike the native toolbars in the common word processing software, Google Docs also provides the font, line indent, justification, bold, italics, underline and much more allied functionality.

Other features Google Docs includes its ability to be shared instantly. This can be done by either providing a link to other user or simply through sharing. Through real-time collaboration you can take control of the level of access that can be given to different people. You can choose between people who can only view and who can edit the document. A chat window is also provided such that you can notice the changes made by other people. This feature gives you freedom to view and participate in online webinars and other such discussions. Last but not the least is the issue of safety and privacy which is greatly taken care by Google.

iPhone and Android Collaboration

The functionalities of the Google applications have not remained confined to pc only. Now all the Google applications can viewed and edited from anywhere, even through mobile and palm held devices. All the android platform phones along with the very popular iPhone have now loaded with the applications that make it possible to view and edit the Google Docs item right in the comfort of your palm. Just imagine yourself travelling and at the same time being able to do all your office works through your phone. You can also take part in various discussions virtually from any part of the world through your iPhone or Android platform phone.

Summary: Google Docs has now made it possible to view doc and pdf file from the iPhone and Android. With the new innovation and real time collaboration it has changed the way we look at mobile devices forever.