Google is launching Android software development to the public. Google is developing a software tool for the people through which a person can develop an application for his or her Android Smartphone. This software tool is free and has been under development for a year. They have tested this application with people who are not much familiar with computer sciences, including those in courses like nursing, high school girls and university undergraduates.

Google decided to develop this software by keeping the fact in mind that cell phones have taken the place of computer, so it is very useful for mobile users to develop an application by themselves for their use. A computer scientist Harold Abelson said at Massachusetts Institute of Technology that the goal of this software tool is to enable the people to become creators in the mobile world.

This strategy is very useful for Google too. They are trying to open up their technology to all kinds of developers that will eventually give the company the upper hand in the Smartphone software market. It’s leading competitor, Apple, takes a more tightly managed approach to application development for the iPhone, for the distribution and controlling of the software programs available.

Mr. Abelson said that they only have done this because Android’s architecture is very open. He is a long time supporter of creating scientific and intellectual recourses more open. He is the first director of the Free Software Foundation, Public Knowledge and the Creative Commons, and he helped to introduce M.I.T.’s Open Courseware program, which offers many online course materials used in teaching the university’s classes, free of cost.

Mr. Abelson said that the Google project is providing a tool, especially for young users, to let them tinker with Smartphone software. He also said that over the years he noticed that simplified programming tools have opened the door for this innovation. For example, the first product of Microsoft was a version of basic that was pared down to run on personal computers.

The Google application tool for Android is very easy to use as it helps the people to drag and drop a block of code in the form of graphical image. They can put these images together, similar to snapping together the Lego block. This will produce an application for the Smartphone’s user.

For example, if a student wants to develop an application with the capability to inform an announcement to a selected list of users after 15 minutes, then he can take three graphic code blocks together: one block will show the announcement message while other will show a clock for setting the 15-minute intervals, and other block will be linked with the database, that will help him to select the specific list of friends.

Mr. Abelson said that a student at the University of San Francisco developed an application that can reply to text messages easily while driving. The application can reply “Please don’t text me I am driving the car”.