Nokia, the world’s well known mobile phones company has urged the Russian authorities for help. It asked the officials to recover a Smart phone sample from the individual who has disclosed it to the whole world immaturely before the company has officially launched the product into the market.

Who is the Culprit?

The individual who has revealed the phone to the world is a blogger. The blogger is Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-chief of which is a Moscow based website. Nokia claimed that the sample posted by Eldar on his blog is a sample of their new model called N8 and they are unable to recover that sample from him. So, Nokia has asked the Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs to look into their problem and help them recover the sample and take some action against the culprit. As a result, Russian police came into the picture to help the technology giant Nokia.

The company backs its actions to lodge a complaint against the blogger. Besides, it also states that they are not taking the action as quoted by media due to poor response to the new model N8, but rather it’s a struggle to protect its trade secrets in the aggressive smartphone business. The blogger defended himself by stating that he has not breached Nokia’s trade secrets. He also mentioned on his blog that Nokia knows very well that ‘we never signed any non-disclosure agreements’ with each other. He also mentioned that he made many attempts to contact Nokia but failed to achieve success.

Reasons for Infringements

The ever expanding smartphone companies have attracted quite a number of bloggers who can earn some pennies with the help of ads by writing the reviews and specifications of the phones on their websites. These bloggers try to be the first on the web with all details about the new gadgets. Further, they do not waste any chance if they get the sample which the company plans to disclose when the model is officially released into the market. Some bloggers also do these types of things as Eldar did, due to curiosity and anxiety as they would want to be the first one to review the product.

Many companies have faced the problem of leakage of the products before they were actually released into the market officially. In a similar case, Apple Inc. has asked the California state computer crime task force for help and to take hold of a sample of their product from an editor. Apple claimed that he got hold of iPhone 4G sample which was apparently stolen. Thereafter, he disclosed all the specifications of the gadget on his blog.

These types of violations are becoming a common problem for almost all the companies these days. The companies don’t know how to stop these leakages of information before the actual product is launched into the market. It becomes really difficult for the companies if these violations take place in any country where there are no rules of the law. It remains to be seen how companies are going to cope with such situations.