NVIDIA is one of the leading companies in visual computing technology and also invented the graphics processing unit (GPU). A GPU is used to generate interactive graphics on computers. NVIDIA is an expert in graphics technology and also has 1,600 patents worldwide for GPUs. Almost every graphics card used in any computer has been made by NVIDIA. NVIDIA is also known for their ultimate quality in GPUs. The first GPU was made by NVIDIA in 1991 and since then there has been no stopping. They have continued to grow bigger and bigger and now they are the GPU leader. In 2008, there was a claim for defective laptop GPUs.

NVIDIA is taking claims for defective graphics cards. The issue is about overheating of the GPUs. The problem may be due to weak packaging material used in the GeForce 8 series graphics chips. The laptop users were experiencing problems like distortions, scrambled video and others on their displays. But in the recent settlement with class action members, a $2 million fund has been establishment for reimbursement and replacement of graphics cards and other components related to NVIDIA. This $2 million settlement was approved by a California court and NVIDIA started accepting claims. They are accepting notebooks for repair, replacements or reimbursements.