AccelerEyes unveiled a new version of its software for the calculation of double-precision linear algebra. This software version is for the computing of Jacket GPU. It is a lot easier to install, has a faster performance and is quite cheap. This new version 1.3 of the Jacket has been fabricated with the extraordinary participation of clients and customers, both current and future, of AccelerEyes. These participants have shaped the product features to perform according to the needs and requirements.

Jacket technology is developed by AccelerEyes, a software platform that provides the computing power of GPUs for desktop to perform complex calculations of MATLAB and such high level languages requiring high performance from CPU. It allows quick prototyping and problem solving in a variety of government, energy, manufacturing, financial, media, and biomedical and scientific research programs. Versions 1.3 of Jacket features the ability for users to perform dual-precision linear algebra functions right in time for the new FERMI based hardware of NVIDIA. To achieve this LAPACK functionality for these high end graphic cards with dedicated graphic processors, users require purchasing the license for Jacket DLA for a few hundred dollars.

The Technology

AccelerEyes has been associated with EM Photonics to extend the range of products of the Jacket to support the double-precision linear algebra. It achieves this target by integrating tools of CULA with the platform. Version 1.3 of the Jacket and Jacket DLA offers functionality for the inv, svd, chol, mpower, norm, eig, lu and mldivide in the dual precision linear algebra.

From the CEO

John Melonakos, the CEO of AccelerEyes said, “Our ability to integrate CULA tools into the Jacket product family not only allows AccelerEyes to broaden the functionality we can deliver to our customers but demonstrates the extensibility of Jacket to incorporate a broad set of functions and libraries or many types of applications”.

Added Features

Jacket 1.3 also has latest and expanded functionalities for conv2, sort, sortrows, eps, , sind, cosd, tand, nextpow2, nthroot, nnz and interp2. Support for Jacket’s “gfor” function has also been expanded or added in 1.3 for kron, cross, permute, repmat, circshift, cat, and filter.

In addition, version 1.3 of the Jacket lets you install, configure and setup it on multiple platforms. This includes the very famous Windows and the lesser popular Linux. The jacket now comes pre-packaged with the CUDA Toolkit. The jacket makes sure that all the prerequisite software is installed allows the activation of automatic licensing for Windows. This version is compatible with MATLAB 2010A and earlier versions of MATLAB R2006b. Together, these improvements enable researchers to obtain the right to work, analysis, and engineering function of time spending on the steps of the system configuration.

Jacket connects M-code with the GPU automatically, through its compilation system on the fly. This allows the users to accelerate the programs with CUDA GPUs in real-time. Jacket gives a flexibility so that no re-programing is required from MATLAB to C, C + + and CUDA to execute on the computers that are based on GPUs.

Price and availability

Jacket 1.3 is available at an instance for $ 999, $ 800 and $ 350 for business customers, government, research and academic, accordingly.