NVIDIA Forceware 258.96 WHQL for Better Visual Experience

NVIDIA is certainly the king to Visual Computing Technology around the world. The developers at NVIDIA have unleashed another of the very powerful and dynamic feature into the NVIDIA’s desktop, platform, workstation, laptop, multimedia and mobile products range. The NVIDIA Forceware Software provides you with a rich experience with your computing and applications once you have the NVIDIA hardware installed in your device. The combination of these devices and software can enhance your visual experience by many folds.


WHQL is the standard that almost all drivers at NVIDIA meet. Windows Hardware Quality Labs testing is the testing that runs a number of third party hardware or software. Third party here means software and hardware that are not produced by Microsoft. The log files that are generated once this run takes place are then submitted to Microsoft for review. Microsoft might also run a test on equipments of its choice as different machine hardware with Microsoft Windows Editions.

NVIDIA Forceware 258.96 WHQL- Features

The NVIDIA Forceware 258.96 is certainly excellent software created to run with the NVIDIA hardware and it comes with a number of enhancements. The best part about this is that it adds supports on your system with the GeForce GTX 460 series as well as the NVIDIA 3D Vision surround technology. The technology tends to provide you with a vibrant experience altogether. The software also tends to improve the performance of the GeForce GTX 400 series GPUs in some of the PC games. These improvements are enhanced compared to the Release 256 improvements previously.

The comparison of some very significant improvements with the GeForce GTX 480 gives a completely convincing result on the overall basis. The system configurations as well as the GPU will certainly render its features in the overall feature enhancements. You get up to 11% acceleration in Aliens vs. Predator compared to the other one. In addition there is a 10% improvement in the Just Cause 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyar. A 7% enhancement can be notices in Crysis: Wahead while 6% in Metro 2033. In addition to that, you have 4% improvements in H.A.W.X and World in Conflict. All these improvements are certainly quite helpful in giving you improved results visually with your NVIDIA hardware.

The PhysX System Software has been upgraded to 9.10.0224 in the NVIDIA Forceware 258.96 WHQL that enhances the performance as well. Some of the GPUs have HD audio enhancements and the NVIDIA Forceware 258.96 WHQL has an upgraded HD audio driver as well to version The previous versions of these drivers had many bugs and errors. The updated version of driver software has all of them fixed for users and now they can have a bug free, visually exotic experience with the NVIDIA Forceware 258.96 WHQL.

NVIDIA has remarkably been providing users with hardware that provides them with visually exotic experiences giving people who love gaming or playing with videos and animations with all the 3 dimensional effects. The latest NVIDIA Forceware 258.96 WHQL is certainly a great achievement in the next generation of completely 3-Dimensional visualization.

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