The problem of faulty NVIDIA GPUs put the company to shame. The consumer`s court held NVIDIA responsible for the defect in hips of laptops sold to a few consumers and a law suit was claimed. Three after the purchase of the laptop with the defected chips, the laptop became `dead` with the GPU based chips not functioning and there was nothing that could be done. Your 1, 2, 3 year old laptop would suddenly not boot-up and cause problems.

Class action suits were claimed. While NVIDIA did not give in to the claims, they were made to settle in court towards those consumers who filed their claims. These consumers had bought the laptops and had found them defective over a period of time. Since they were at a quandary to claim their money or to use the laptops, the consumers having filed the lawsuit had been unable to get anything while, the company fatly accepted the claims and agreed to replace the laptops.

Beginning around 2006, NVIDIA shipped chips which would cook to death themselves, while it resulted in dead hardware for consumers. The consumers have had many months in the court where they have been trying getting through, a class-action lawsuit, which would result in a 2 million dollar accumulated claims for laptop the repair, reimbursement or replacement based on what the customer suffered.

NVIDIA agreed to make reimbursements to the claims of the consumers by making good to them the defective laptops and issuing them brand new laptops. They made good the money spent by them for repairs. As for HP laptops, since there were no replacements available for the units that were defective, the NVIDIA Company issued new replacements.

The list of possibly affected laptop consumers has gone up according to a report as of Jan 2011. Mostly Apple laptops and Mac users are affected – the models being those Mac Book Pro models manufactured between 2007 and 2008. The Dell and HP notebooks manufactured between 2005 – 2010 have been affected. In total, 21 types of models of the Dell machines are known to be affected as of the same number of models by HP too. 2 models from Apple Mac book Pro are affected. The claim period started on the 13th Jan and will go on till 14th of March. While Apple and Dell consumers will get replacement of parts and other related repairs to be covered by their claim, HP models are eligible for replacements.

Problems that came to the fore of distortions, and scrambled video were of the graphic components and display. Despite malfunctioning of the graphic components, there has not been any fall in the rate of consumption of NVIDIA products. The computer builders are in fact increasing their consumption of these products from NVIDIA. The failures in the GPU component were showing due to the decision of NVIDIA to use a non- eutectic material which causes corrupted video or no signal on heating up.