Nvidia Monday released its latest gadget, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 at a price considered fair. The latest gadget is a chip that summarizes the previous versions’, the Nvidia GTX 480 power. According to the company, the new card comes as a counter move for ATI Radeon HD 5380 that is currently causing ripples in the market as well. Its retailing price is also affordable and Nvidia aims at countering that by offering its own card with a favorable, affordable price. Remember Nvidia had previously introduced its GTX 460 model into the market in tow varying models that comprised a 768MB model and another 1GB model that both retailed at slightly less than $200 and $229 consecutively.

Superb Performance

I am one of the enthusiastic gamers that were eager for the new graphics card and could not wait for the Nvidia’s release. I have been saving up money for a new graphics card for my PC gaming and the release of the new card came as a blessing in disguise. The performance of this card is great and the fact that it comes at a relatively affordable price is a plus. I had tried an earlier released model of the GTX 460 and I loved its overall feel given its quality performance and resultant experience.


The GTX 460’s 768MB model comes with triple 64-bit memory controllers that apply 192-bit interface whereas the other model, the 1GB comes with a bigger 256-bit memory interface. What makes the new card what it is, superb, is that both cards utilize the GDDR5 graphics memory that gives them better performance. Additionally, the two cards utilize clock speeds pegged at 675 MHz with CUDA cores that operate at 1,350 MHz and a bolstered memory speed placed at 3,600 MHz. What more can an ardent gamer ask for in a graphics card? To break it down for you, the latest model of graphics card from Nvidia has a 336 CUDA cores that is divided into seven Streaming Multiprocessors in its double Graphics Processor Clusters. What that does is give you 48 in either of the cores. You will remember that the original GF100 version had one SM disabled, well; the same has been done with the GTX460. Additionally however, you still get to enjoy one Polymorph Engine for every SM; however, what Nvidia has done is design every engine to serve additional cores, the effect being the reduction in a large extent of tessellation performance.

Gaming Options

The latest GTX460 chip comes in along line of quality chips and superb gaming options the Nvidia Company has established repute for. The faster, excellent and superb video renderer makes gaming lovelier and all the worth while. Even though the move was smart in terms of pricing strategy, I have to admit; the fact that a coming model is expected to have a Surround Option is reason enough to forgo the AMD’s Eyefinity multimonitor technology.

The launch of the latest high end Fermi graphics card takes high end gaming to a new level and will definitely have gamers glued to their PCs.