Keeping up with its established repute as an innovations and hardware firm, NVIDIA continues to release technology that can only be described as awesome. As it continues to fight its rivals in the market, the company is staking out its claim as a technology innovator to be reckoned with.

Impressive Tech

Its rivals certainly have something to worry about as NVIDIA releases technology after technology of amazing innovations. Whereas it would previously fight for GPU market space with ATI, NVIDIA has now laid claim on the microprocessor market, competing against giants such as Intel and Qualcomm that have been in the business for long. The company is amongst the foremost pioneers in 3D technology for PCs, giving them the long sought after presence in the graphics market department that has enabled them advance by impressive milestones. I must admit that NVIDIA’s venture into software manufacture is really bolstered by its impressive software innovations that promise t change things as we know them.

The Verde addtition

As such, the relation ship between software and GPU cannot be underestimated if you consider the fact that GPU performance depends on drivers to a large extent. As such, the better the drivers running your GPU, the better the overall result in performance. In that regard, NVIDIA is beating its competitors at their own game, delving so much into software that the company has aligned its notebook and desktop GPU driver releases with its new baby, the “Verde.” Perhaps the Verde drivers are generating more hype than game, not anymore because the company has continuously been updating its driver availabilities with frequent new releases. It is in that spirit that the company released its Verde drivers that are promising to basically create a shift in driver usage.

Optimus Functionality

NVIDIA’s latest Verde drivers have put the Optimus at the core of their working. What Optimus does is enhance customizations in which, if you buy a laptop with a hidden GPU and an integrated graphics set, Optimus will allows your laptop to switch amongst the GPU and the Integrated graphics set with no hassles. You do not even have to reboot or restart your machine, its all done in a moment’s time and before you even know it. As such, such customizations as IGP allow you to save battery power but what the new capability does is let you enjoy your game continuously while getting the additional boost, at no hassles at all.

In that regard, the new Verde drivers from NVIDIA have added great value to the Optimus system because it shows the new customization settings and options that are available with the latest of the company’s Control Panels and can show you Optimus in action. The new user interface offers unrivalled visibility on the working of the Optimus and additional puts you in control of the Optimus.

There are however additional customizations options that can render the absolute power of your GPU/IGP under your control. There you have it, grab your copy!