Recently, a computer technology company in California called Nvidia, released a graphics card which they call the GeForce GTX 460. It is part of a series of graphics cards that include a Four Eighty, Seventy and Sixty Five. It was made with the hardcore gamers in mind and priced accordingly. Other companies carry cards that are similar but, not that many of them are priced at the affordable cost of US $199 as they are priced from Nvidia. Most other graphics cards that are related, even ones from Nvidia itself, can run in the high hundreds. The great features combined with high quality in the new GTX 460 make it a card that will give others a run for their money.

Compatible With DirectX11

Although this is not the first graphics card to be DX11 compatible, it is one of the few in its price range. DX11 is said to rival its previous version know as DX10 and many people long awaited its release. The GTX 460 is integrated to work with DirectX 11. It is listed as being up to a few times faster and better performing than other cards in its bracket. When installed on a PC, it is said to create a totally realistic world where the people and places on the screen come to life before your eyes.

Special Features And Uses Of The GTX 460 Graphics Card

Visual effects in movies, games and pictures can be enhanced with Nvidia 3-d which includes wireless eyewear and updated software to produce astounding images that entice the user and make them feel as if they are in the same room as what is on the screen. The setup supports audio effects as well and can be shown across multiple screens for an extremely interactive time. The chips come in especially nice for people who use their PC to view pictures or videos online. It also includes a feature that will allow the user to play Blu-ray movies on their computer and does so in HD quality.

The Specifications

Being just four point three inches tall and eight point two five inches long with a double slot, the GTX 460 card is genuinely slimmer and shorter than other cards. It puts out 160 watts at the most. Because of these reasons it is said to free up more space and use less power in the PC then when compared to the runner ups. Also, the card has a low top temp of just 104 Celsius making it unnecessary for the use of an additional form of cooling.

When compared to similar graphics cards in the market this card certainly shows potential of being very high in demand. They can be purchased through many online retailers who are competitively priced but vary with the source. With the GTX 460, Nvidia has finally come back and has created something that will top other cards in quality and price. It will be not be easy for other companies to design a better graphics card for the same cost but only time will tell.