Till now people have a lot of shocking coverage of the crisis which is going on in the Gulf for the oil spills and most of you might be wondering as to what you can do in order to provide any sort of help to the wildlife of that area. Many people would be thinking to give any help to those helpless creatures who are having problems due to the oil spills. A local woman knew the answer to this and knew how people can help in this regard.

UNF student volunteers

Nicole Bishop has great love for the wild life and is really passionate about it too and this is why one student graduating at the University of North Florida has volunteered at the Tree Hope, which is a nature preserve in Arlington. It was said by Bishop that she is no doubt into the conservation of the environment and all such things like this. This is one of the major reasons why she was so eager to help and go out in the Gulf. She further said that she used to feel a lot of frustrated as she used to think that she is helpless and is unable to provide any help to them. She cannot do anything on this matter. She used to consider herself as the passive participant.

It was said by her that as he heard the news regarding the oil spills she got really worried about the wildlife of that area especially those species which are rare and are in danger.

Endangered Wildlife

There are many species in that region which are endangered and are becoming rare. There is a great need to protect those animals so that their species could be protected and saved from the harmful effects of the oil spills. It was said by Bishop that the sea turtles are already scarce. One other specie which is endangered is the brown pelican.

Help through Facebook

Google search played a great role in helping Bishop out when it came to know about those organizations in her own backyard and found those that had been working and coordinating the efforts related to the local cleanup. After this she created a fan page on Facebook which was called My Local Effort.

Bishop said that she sifted through all the things for the sake of people and also consolidated it so that all the people would only have to fill this volunteer form. In Jacksonville, the natural wildlife federation is searching for such people who can monitor the beaches in Jacksonville. In order to build the bird cages in Jacksonville, Audubon Society is also looking for the people who can voluntarily help them in doing so. She further said that it is hoped that the people would be empowered by the social media with the help of connecting everyday people with some opportunities in the volunteer manner in the Gulf. Already, dozens of people have been connected by her who wishes to help in this matter.