One of the world’s technology leaders, Olympus, announces its six new Digital cameras at International CES for the year 2011.  These new upgraded digital cameras vary from user-friendly to tough and water proof ones, from slim designs to ultra zoom capacities and from a point-and-shoot format to professional cameras. Anyone who expects quality photographs with great built in features and are easy to use can choose from these six new brands of Olympus’ digital cameras.

PEN E-PL2 and VG-120 first on the list came from the PEN® family with a simple design, small and very light to carry on, offers a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) photo quality, the PEN E-PL2. It has built-in effects of which you can expand your creativity in producing such quality and artistic photographs due to its eye detection AF which will automatically adjust focus base on the subject’s eyes. It is perfect for capturing still images and even movies. Without any efforts and difficulties, VG-120 from the V series digital cameras of Olympus, is perfect for your daily actions or any special occasions in your life. Up to 5x optical zoom for you to capture all precious moments smoothly, VG-120 is set into HD movie mode to ensure quality results after using it.

TG-130 and TG-610 Two new tough series cameras are now also out, the TG-310 and the TG-610. These two are perfect for intense activities due to their durable shockproof, freeze-proof and waterproof built in features.  TG-310 is a reliable and tough camera ideal for family activities or sports events of which it goes out in a reasonable price. Same goes to TG-610, where it can surpass the thrills of the waves, five foot high drops and can even withstand winter’s chills. Both are set into HD quality video with 720p amd good for recording movies. These two tough series cameras have 5x wide angle optical zoom for wholesome capture and clearer focus.

SP-610UZ and XZ-1Here comes SP-610UZ from the Olympus S series ideally for great control and flexibility. This is a point-and-shoot camera which enables you to capture full quality pictures and videos as it can go beyond the distance due to its 22x wide-angle optical zoom rich-feature. A clearer and high definition video recording is also offered by SP-610UZ through its 720p. And for an artistic impression, XZ-1 from the new Olympus X series is a better choice that suits your expectations. XZ-1 is designed in a high –end point-and-shoot format with single lens reflex (SLR) quality. It provides extra special features in order to produce such exceptional image quality and excellent low light performance to boost your creativity in photography and video recording. It has a build-in iZuiko® lens to capture low light environments or images due to its fast and super bright feature in order to produce clearer and high-quality photographic presentations. XZ-1 also has a large and super sensitive CCD sensor which is capable of capturing memorable moments during night time or within a dimly light environment.  Anyone can use it easily because of its advanced manual controls and perfect for continuous use even after daytime.