If you use a service, that supports multiple logins for the account of the first default signature using the browser. Google proposes to use a different browser, but you can also use Google Chrome incognito mode, log into your Google account to add. Another limitation is that the offline mode of Gmail is disabled, if multiple log in mode is enabled.

The Problem

Having several accounts of Google and want to stay connected in each of them simultaneously is impossible, if you use the browser itself. This is because Google will automatically detect if a Google account is already open and begin to use the same sign on all pages that are open later. However, this is a change. Function, which allows multiple Google accounts connected to the same time, it can already be tested. And, unlike when it happens, your account does not interfere with each other, you must use different browsers, different credentials. Many users have multiple Google Accounts and Google Apps accounts, so if you want to use two different accounts, either regular or Google Apps, you must log out from one end. But Google Chrome, you can use in the same browser and log out.

Feature of Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a role in incognito mode, where you can navigate safely and store all your data or cookies. When you open one of your accounts in a tab and a regular Google Chrome incognito mode, both the information of the two accounts are separated from interfering with each other. To open multiple Google accounts, follow these steps: Open the Google Chrome browser. Log into your Google account in one of the tabs that you just opened. To open another window, press Ctrl + Shift + N; which will open incognito mode window where you can sign in to second Google account. Now you can open all Google applications in these windows without interfering in any of the two.

What Does Google Has To Say

Google has an explanation for this as follows:

“WebPages that you open and files downloaded while you are incognito won’t be logged in your browsing and download histories; all new cookies are deleted after you close the incognito window. You can browse normally and in incognito mode at the same time by using separate windows.”

How It Works

When the incognito window is closed all browser cookies are deleted. To re access your account, you must sign in again. The limitation with this is that you can open two accounts at once, which is not bad.

This can also be done in Firefox, but with a slightly different method. Opened a Google account in one tab and open another account with a plug-in called “IE Tab for Firefox” which opens the page in Internet Explorer and therefore keeps the two accounts separated from interfering.

Mailplane for Mac

Do not worry MailPlane users. If you are finding a way to use multiple accounts on a Mac, all at the same time, your Mailplane is the best. Mailplane I did not use myself, but I have somewhere heard that it is able to handle such requirement. There is also a Firefox and Safari add-on for MAC called Profile Manager, but you should know how to use the Terminal.