If you love playing games on your Mackintosh computer, personal computer or TV, this is good news for you. Now you are able to play those high end games even in your old Mac or PC. You don’t need high speed processors or graphic cards. What you need is just an old computer, no matter whether your operating system is Macintosh or Windows, and an ADSL connection for internet. You will then be able to play any of those high end games. Confused? You don’t play it on your computer! Instead, you play it on OnLive’s server.

New Technology

Cloud computing is the keyword here. Only a few people use and have some knowledge of cloud computing.

The main features of cloud computing are:

  • You don’t need to have any files or operating systems on your computer.
  • All your files, even those of the operating system, are in a secure sever elsewhere.
  • Whenever you need them, you can download the files.

You can pay a monthly or yearly rental, or can pay according to the files you download. This technology enables you to use your computer at a low cost.

How OnLive uses Cloud Computing

OnLive has a lot of computer games owned by different people installed on their servers. They will provide the facility for anyone who becomes a member to play the games for a nominal cost. The features are:

  • You play them on the internet at very fast speeds.
  • Your computer’s processing speed is not a factor here.
  • In case you don’t play it on a computer, you still have the option to play your favorite games on your TV. You can get your TV adapter and the console from them.

Present Status

OnLive launched its ambitious program on 17th June with a set of users, who were its founding members. Founding membership is offered on a first come first serve basis from the day of launch and only for a limited time. They will be offered service free of charge for one year. Also, they will be offered an additional year of membership for a fee of $ 4.95 per month. There are conditions such as you need to be over 18 years, you should be living in the US and be able to furnish a Master or Visa card. The qualified applicants will be on a waiting list from which Onlive will select the users they are going to enroll.

OnLive is a company that has integrated the concept of cloud computing with business. It has the potential to change the entire gaming industry. Instead of purchasing expensive gaming consoles, buying a lot of games and filling your CD racks, you have the option to select the game you want to play and play it at lightening fast speeds. It is cheaper and more convenient. Also, you have a choice of games to select from. It appears to be another giant step forward in internet usage.