Mobile users can now begin to experience an entirely new release brought to them by Opera Mini 5.1. The Opera Mini 5.1 is practically taking the world of mobile internet browsing to the very highest of all levels. It is poised to give the mobile browser quite something rather different to think about. With the Opera Mini 5.1 landing on Android phones, you can surely be given entirely new experiences as far as internet browsing on the go is concerned.

Do you want something on mobile that will make you feel that you are actually browsing on your computer system directly? Then what you want to make use of is the Opera Mini 5.1. Every Android phone user can find themselves experiencing this long awaited wonder on phone. So if you are a lover of Droid phones and you have been dreaming of getting this kind of tiny browser on your phone, your dream can be said to have become reality with the Opera Mini 5.1 that has found its way onto your beloved droid phone. Not only is the Opera Mini 5.1 something very great to behold, it is also super fast when it comes to browsing.

The features

The Opera Mini 5.1 has added to it a kind of pinch-to-zoom feature which is a very advanced improvement over the common and crude magnifying glass zoom in and zoom out kind of feature. By the time you start using this improved feature you will actually not miss the old crude feature in the least.

Another beautiful stuff to check out on this superb browser is its high quality default image. This had been highly upgraded to the extent that it is able to match any other kind of high quality default image that is available in the market today.

How to get it

To get the Opera Mini 5.1 on your android phone, you actually don’t need to spend too long with search engines and get your internet browsing money burnt on nothing; you can easily locate a point to download it without wasting so much time. To get your easy download of the Opera Mini 5.1 on your android phone, all you need to do is visit the Android Market place online. This is not the only download option available; you can also get an easy download of this wonder of a tiny browser on phone directly from Opera main site.

You got the beta?

The Opera Beta is of course a leader in its own place. Those who had been using it will agree to the reality that it is something very interesting. But with the advent of the Opera Mini 5.1, you will be let into greater browsing experience than what the beta version had been offering. Do you now have to delete your beta so as to replace it with the Opera Mini 5.1? Not at all, all you need to do to replace the Opera beta with Opera Mini 5.1 is to carry out a simple upgrading of the Opera beta and it will be totally replaced with the Opera Mini 5.1.