Web optimization can be achieved by using search engine optimization. High ranking can not be achieved without search engine optimization. So, your basic goal is to optimize your website. You will be ranked higher in search engine by implementing the search engine technique. While optimizing your website you have to look your competitors.

You can increase your sale and traffic by using organic search. This is cost effective way to boost your website ranking.

Here is guideline to achieve top ranking:

1. Title should be unique and keywords oriented. Title is the first thing that appears in the search engine. So if you want natural ranking place the right keywords in your title. Make sure that your title includes 1-2 of your main keywords.

2. Use right keyword in metadata. Every search engine relies on the information that the metadata contain. Use ad wards to track the high rank keywords.

3. Description should be clear. The length of the description is 2-3 lines but its better to include the keywords in it to make it visible for search engine.

4. Include ALT tag. Not using Alt tag is the common mistake that the designer do while adding images in the website. Alt tag should be keyword oriented. This technique will increase your website ranking and build more traffic as lot of user searches the images only.

5. linking your WebPages’ well designed website have all the pages that are properly linked. You should link your main page with the rest of your internal. Your website should have clear layout with proper menu system.

6. Link to the other external sources to achieve high ranking. You can link to your blog with the website.

7. Main menu include the right keywords. While linking to the menu you have to consider the important things about the keywords that could be suppress while creating linking between the pages and menu.

8. It is not necessary to bold your keywords as they detract the readers. So avoid the things that create hinder in the content. When the search engine crawls over the content of your website it will neglect the keywords that are bold. If you place the bold words people will scan the document your page will not appeal.

9. Keywords should be hyperlinked. You should place the text link but avoid the link to say click me. So for achieving the top ranking hyperlink is one of the major factors. Place the high PR link in the website.

10. Place the variety of link with different niche. Spread you links to the whole website not on the single page. If you have more then 30 pages in your website you can place the internal link.

If you implement these guidelines it will helps you to achieve top ranking in search engine. Your visibility will increase. So by using the natural technique you can build traffic that helps to promote your aim and business.