Oracle is certainly one of the best productions around the world that has been providing solutions to people from all over the world with their multiple products mainly related to database management and similar activities. The database server technology authored by Oracle is being used up all around the world and you can certainly get a number of solutions out of these products. The company revises its quality every few months just to make sure that their products is working good with the market and has the potential to compete all competitions.

Oracle releases Patches for repair:

Oracle was facing critical issues from products in the database lineup from quite some time and there had been numerous tickets generated for the fixing of the product. The company has recently come up with a total of 59 patches in a batch to fix the many issues that were persistent with the database products. According to sources, 28 of the patches address some of the very critical security flaws in the database that had made the database vulnerable to many threats.

These security patches addressed many applications in the complete database product lineup and is said to deal with three of the critical flaws that were persisting in almost all of the versions of the company that are considered to be a part of the Database Server Technology. These patches came in form of the quarterly update of Critical patches that the company launches every quarter.

Distribution of patches:

Among the 59 patches, 28 of them dealt with some of the very critical ones that were setting the database vulnerable to multiple threats. There were a total of 13 patches in the whole batch that dealt with security issues in the Oracle’s suite dealing with database technologies. Three of them are even more critical that were persisting in almost every version of the Oracle Database Server Version produced by the company.

There were flaws where any user was given the liberty to play as an administrator and had control over the complete database. They can view the whole of the database, modify it according to their will with no restriction or even shut down the database server. In brief, every user in the database was an administrator. In addition, the database gave access to attackers as well. The new patches have placed in the Denial of Service (DoS) feature for added security and no invasion.

The recently acquired products that are taken up from Sun Microsystems Inc. are even revised with 21 patches. These products are being catered well under the Oracle Company as well. 17 of the flaws in the Oracle’s product were in the e-business, supply chain, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards product suites.

Oracle has been making serious changes in the product in the past as well. The past record also shows a huge number of patches quite often. There were 82 patches bank in 2006 start while another 101 patches were added in the last quarter of the year.