It has been quite some time now that Oracle has been taking over different companies around the world and merging them into Oracle. One of the major one is certainly the Sun Microsystems Inc. There seem to be no immediate plan or acquiring any company in the near future but one can certainly expect that the company is not going to stop buying companies. There appears to be a debt issue of some US$3.25 billion undergoing this recently.

One can expect this to be a reserve for the future expected acquisitions. It seems mystery to many of the potential analysts around the world of where is Oracle moving next and what company will be acquired by Oracle in the near future. There are some people who are making wild guesses about the subject. They expect Oracle to continue buying companies with vertical offerings to give a boost to their business.

Predictions about the next buys:

There are subtle chances that Oracle starts buying software for business process management and billing as well as related services. This is going to come up as an excellent venture as Oracle will fall into a competition with Amdocs. There are also chances that Oracle invests in the health care application line up that deals with patient care and drug discovery. One can certainly not deduce this premature. The health care application lineup would undergo serious transformation if the health care application lineup is acquired.

Potential buys in the Market:

Cerner is expected to be the next purchase by many analysts around the world. This can be even a strong conviction as Cerner is said to be using the Oracle’s database software in the production of their applications. This has been noticed as a trend that Oracle easily buys the clients that are already using the Oracle’s database. The company had $1.67 billion revenues back in 2009 and the recent market capitalization is around $6.5 billion that makes it a potential buy.

The next expected buy is a company like Lawson Software. The company is a huge ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) vendor in the market. There are expectations that the company wants to be sold out by one of the major stakeholders because he terms it to be undervalued. Lawson Software is the largest ERP vendor that is working as an independent company with revenues around $757 million back in 2009. This purchase will give Oracle an venture that will deal with both the ERP as well as the Health Care Industry increasing the scope of Oracle.

There are stipulations that Oracle is not going to take up Lawson Software as the vendor is relying on most of the IBM technology. On the contrary one can even expect the chances to be subtle as Oracle is planning to come in competition with IBM in the near future by moving towards a vision and strategy that is around completely integrated as well as metal-to-metal application systems.

Oracle can be expected to make a purchase of the companies that are dealing with core applications these days. The CRM applications can be expected to be a vital part in the future and sources of these applications like Buzzien or NetProspex can be the next move.

None in the market has clear news about the next buy that oracle is going to make but you can certainly expect a buy in the new future as the company is concerned in expanding the horizons of its technology.